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Originally Posted by mfaoro
Dan - Looking at the best rest site yesterday I noticed that a rack+2 boxes cost upwards of $2250. Is that true? If so, can you tell us what makes them worth it? I mean - thats more than twice as much as Zega's.

I can see your point. It's worth it to me but each person's needs are different. It depends what you want them for and how you use them. I want them to last for many trips - including long distance rugged terrain. I am a believer in buying good quality kit rather than cheapo workarounds- it generally pays for itself in the end and makes life easier. Don't want to spend my trips fixing stuff.

The main issue for me is the way the panniers lock onto the frame
TT The way they lock onto the frame and have to be removed is annoying. It will drive me mental after a while and it’s not what you need if you have to remove or fit the panniers quickly. It seems to me like it’s easy to get it wrong as you have to tighten things and make sure the locking lever is aligned with a cut out. . The mountings are weak and will fatigue. You will have to reinforce them (TT sell the bits to reinforce them!). The frames are reasonably ok, but not as strong as the MM and could be better.
MM lock onto the frame really securely and easily. The frame is really strong.

TT Zega Panniers are not anodised - you get black stuff all over your kit unless you line them. I tried to line them and it’s hard because of the sticking out bits.
MM are anodised

Putting stuff in
TT The insides have sticking out bits – nuts and bolts which could abrade your kit.
MMs are completely smooth inside.

TT Lids are separate (some people think this is a good thing – I don’t –they can get forgotten and lost and you have to find somewhere to put them when you want something out of your pannier –you can buy and fit TT ‘hinges’)
MM Lids are attached and open the right way

TT You have to fit your own (tacky) locks x2 by drilling out or use padlocks.
MM – One decent lock (provided)

TT You have to buy and add handles and whatever else you need to carry them.
The MMS have carry handles on the top and sides

TT get bashed out of shape (but some people think this is a good thing)
MM won’t

Ease of paddling
TT more square
MM are slightly bevelled

Use as Seating/Centre Stand
I guess you can use either panniers for this.
Regards Dan

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