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GP and neduro - as others have stated, bang on for undertaking this project, should be a joy even just to read, let alone when you roll the bikes out for their maiden shake down rides . Good luck guys!!!

i travel on a 525exc dualsport extensively, two week long off road trips etc. Some observations:

Headshake with the stock 20's at speed. Hopefully carrying that much gas and equipment up front will offset some of the issue. i ended up going with 17 degree's for a much calmer ride at higher speeds. i assume you'll aalso be mounting a Scotts.

Front brakes: The stockers are marginal for high speed work, the added issue more importantly is the bloody master cylinder allowing air into the system over time. Some people seem not to have an issue. Mine has needed bleeding on multi day rides. Inexcuseable in my eyes. I'm now using a CRF master cylinder, not any more powerful but much more reliable. No more air has gotten into the system. Great mod. One thing that may interest you gents is i also run the bike in Motard trim with a KTM motard caliper and Radial master Cylinder. Now my friends this is some stopping power!!! You can lock the front tire up at 100 MPH its soooo sttrong. Very linear and progressive feel to it. Would love this mod on your 525 that will be gaining some wieght. Only issue is the Radial mount master has a remote resoviour that is a bit vulnerable for off road usage. Though mine has survived a tumble into the tire barricade at the Go - kart track.

Valve train - Installed Stainless Steel valves to help increase my valve adjustment interval. So far, once bedded in no adjustments needed in 3,000 miles. With only 3,000 miles its not enough to claim them as the Holy Grail but i'm hoping for the best. Leave on a 3 country (Thailand, laos, Cambodia) off road ride in a few weeks so will report back my findings.

Oil capacity- I have used the HT cooler with no issues but you gents may want an even larger capacity. Should not be impossible to machine a larger capacity resoviour.

Overall a great base bike to make what you guys are doing to "roll your own".

I'm pulling up a seat to watch your build unroll and learn from your discoveries. let the good times roll and best of luck with the build.
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