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The northwestern part of Costa Rica is a large peninsula called Nicoya. This is what I knew about Nicoya:

* Nicoya is the main tourist destination in Costa Rica.
* Several maps, including google, show a road around the coast.
* A vehicle ferry crosses the gap between Puntarenas and the southeastern tip of the peninsula.
* It was raining.

This is a recipe for adventure... the kind that doesn't go as planned

The ferry crossing was short but rainy:

It docked here:

Just off the ferry, the road *immediately* turned to dirt. And by dirt I mean MUD! And the term "road" is being quite generous in places...

Water crossings!

On exit from that water crossing, Nir's (far too loose) chain slipped off. We tightened it then and there.

This is a road??

We landed in the cute little beach town of Montezuma just as darkness set in. It's the little mark on the map above... after several hours of hard riding, we didn't make it very far.

San Francisco to Panama and back... eventually?
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