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Nicoya Part 2

We pressed on.

The river completely wiped out the road here.

Nir's photo

A lot of cars were waiting on the other side... and probably were going to be waiting for a couple days.

It would have been very difficult to get the bikes down and up the muddy embankment... so we dropped tire pressure and went out on to the beach!

This was my first time riding at speed on sand... and it was crazy fun. I must do more of this!

After some length we returned to the road, which rapidly deteriorated.

Nir's photo

This pickup truck had been stuck there for three days because they couldn't get a tractor past the destroyed road sections:

Nir's photo

This was the end, for us. The riverbed was soft mud. I didn't even want to cross it on foot. Later a passing motorcyclist told us what we had already surmised: The coastal road is completely impassible in the wet season - up ahead were even bigger, deeper water crossings.

Nir's photo

The result? We had to return *all the way back* to the ferry landing and take the paved inland route north. Doh!

Oops... going back up that hill was a little tricky:

Back along the beach.

We just made it to La Cruz, just south of the Nicaraguan border. The hotel was unremarkable, but a couple friends came out to inspect the KLR:

Nir's photo

By the way, Nir is a natural. With less than a week of motorcycle experience he's already riding dirt, rain, mud, and sand with the kind of enthusiasm that would impress an eight-year-old. It's really too bad we didn't have a few days to unload the bikes and see how far we could get. This was some of the most fun I've ever had riding!
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