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Originally Posted by hetman
Speaking of Scuderia, I mentioned your previous post (wishing you had taken a 990 instead) to a friend who was looking for the hard-to-find 690 Enduro.

The next day, he showed up at my place in SF with a left-over new 2007 990 Adventure that he had just gotten from Scuderia! Since you're indirectly responsible, now you have two n00bz waiting for you to show us the rides around here when you get back :)
Nice! I officially have piston-envy.

There are some great rides along the coast to the north of SF but they're all paved. Sadly, the nearest dualsport rides are pretty far away. My riding buddies and I usually leave Friday afternoon to knock out the highway miles, spend Saturday exploring, and then find a meandering route back on Sunday. If we have sportbikes with us they'll take a different route and meet up with us at a prearranged hotel in the evening.

We'd love to have you along. Several friends of mine just started riding (including a couple hotties ) so there's a mix of all skill levels.
San Francisco to Panama and back... eventually?
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