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It's not quite in the 990 league but due to the extra horses, the 800 requires a little more skill/concentration/adeptness to ride smoothly than the 650. I adore mine but it doesn't let me get away with things the G650X Country that I learned on did and it shows up my inexperience sometimes.

I bought it because it was the "last bike standing" that hadn't been crossed off my list; 990 Adventure too aggressive, 1200GS too heavy, G650X Country too short a range, G650X Challenge too tall, 640 Adventure too vibey, V-Strom too damned ugly, 950 SE too dirt, Triumph Tiger too road... It's not the best justification for forking out the money for a bike but I'm really not regretting it. It is superb.

At 61? I'm hoping still to be riding mine! Good luck.
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