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San Juan del Sur

We spent a night in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua's main surf destination. It was only an hour from the ferry terminal.

San Juan del Sur is reasonably nice but seems awfully expensive for Nicaragua. We had some pretty good food.

Gazpacho (I order it without fail when I see it on a menu):

Spicy sesame ahi tuna:

A chicken dish:

The best part of San Juan del Sur was trying to ride out to the beaches north!

A deep water crossing:

Nir's photo

Nir's photo


Gavin doesn't like the mud so much:

It was Nir's fault for stopping in front of us on a steep hill, really!

Unfortunately I got YET ANOTHER flat tire. The lack of tread is probably not helping. The llantera was 100 meters away.

Power was out, so they filled by hand.

This is where I'm starting to really regret not going to San Josť in Costa Rica. It turns out there are no big tires in Nicaragua! Nobody sells them. In fact, nobody even sells an inner tube of the appropriate dimensions. I rode the KLR to San Juan, bought the biggest (but still way too narrow) tube I could find, installed it on my bike, and rode carefully along the dirt road to Rivas. There I bought Yet Another Inner Tube (still too narrow but better) and had it installed at a llantera (for $3). Why didn't I at least buy multiple tubes of the correct size in Costa Rica?

I can now get my rear wheel off in about 20 seconds.
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