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October, 1985

Well, the list says my 6363211 1986 g/s pd was a 10/85 production. Mine came via inmate Velvet Hammer (thanks again!) and is currently having its Zegas, cylinder guards, handguards, windscreen and mirrors replaced. Yes, the bluehairs ARE out to get you. As I turned left on the green arrow, the old gent blythly powered against the red into a right turn just to my right and about mid-bike. But, he sped up, continued on into my right side and I went down on my right shoulder. He hit the bike hard enough to rotate it 360 degrees, scraping all of the stuff on the TOP of the bike, just before it landed on top of me. BUT... (and more importantly) the tank is nearly unscathed. Of course. I saved it with my gut. A small dent left front lower that the Paintless Dent Guy can do, and another dime-size problem nearer the top.
Well, it annoys me that having finally found a really nice C2 Shuberth that fits, he wrecked that. My gloves nearly prevented a 2nd degree wrist burn, and the BMW "club" jacket survived fine, with the exception of my dislocated shoulder. Damn. And I thought I made eye contact with him, too!

Onward & upward!
I didn't have my trusty .44, so I shot him twice with my .22.
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