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Just mounted an XR this morning. Tons of 'thick' plastic to attach to.

First, center it up and drill the 2, 1/4" holes in rear fender.

Take your time positioning the unit. Look for plastic or subframe that might interfere. The air box side on an XR requires a 't' nut (included) on the side panel in order for you to access the air box. You will have to remove 1 bolt inside the bag to get the side panel off.

See the black hole marks? These will accept the fender washer and 't' nut.

One 5/16" hole for the T nut. Position it in the hole and smack it into place so the teeth bit into the plastic.

Trim a little more than 1" off the frint end of the stainless steel heat shield.

Heat shield is designed to fit either left or right side piped machines. Use only one set of holes to create double walled protection and melt-proof the kit.

Takes about 30 minutes the first time and he's ready for a back country trip!

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