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Fuel Tank Extension

The F650 with a 15T front sprocket is great off road, but uses more fuel. So I needed an auxiliary system. I put together the Kidala rack extension with a Kolpin Jr. tank system. It takes some surgery on both racks. Moreover, not only can one not weld aluminium to steel, but when the two metals are in contact and wet it can cause a failure due to the chemical reaction between dissimilar metal. In short - its all physics and things will vibrate loose real fast.

I think I have solved the problem by inserting a cork layer between the aluminium and the steel Korbin bracket. I used 1/4 X 3/4 in flathead zink screws - lots of them. I also had to cut out a part of the Kolpin bracket so it would not ride on top of the plastic rear tie down loop on the BMW. But it does work.

The installation I show is "spingy". One can reverse it so the gas can sits over the rack. I solved "springy" by simply running a bungy over the load ( not shown ) and securing the gas tank handle.
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