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The website is up fine again now. If you check the main page of the website it says that the site will be down over the weekend for shop modifications.

As for the crashbar times, we (Adventure-Spec, I work for the company) have really struggled to get the quality of workmanship we wanted from the bars. Being proud of what we do, and what we sell, we haven't been prepared to compromise the quality of the final product no matter WHAT happens.

We have always said that we will either produce a product that is the BEST it can possibly be, or we wont release a product at all.

One of our main problems was finding a pipe bending specialist who could ensure that the seam of the pipe stayed on the inside of the product regardless of the complex bending profiles used (who wants to look at pipe seams wandering around everywhere!) whilst still keeping the perfect tolerances we wanted to ensure a first time fit.

We have now solved that problem and have tested multiple sets of bent bars for continuity and quality issues. If we do say so ourselves, its a really nice job! We are now getting close to a release and are sourcing mounting component kits and making up sets of spacers etc....

BUT, this is our first set of engine crash bars and we have tripped over ourselves time and time again promising target dates that we havnt managed to hit. I'm afraid we cant give you a date yet except to say that the major technological hurdles are over and believe me we are working 24/7 to get them out as soon as possible before we end up getting mobbed!

Thank you for your patience, support, and kind words about our kit. We could have released 'some' bars ages ago, but we wouldnt have put them on our bikes. When we set up the company our ethos was always that we wouldnt sell anything to anyone else that we wouldnt use ourselves. Thats why there has been such a delay...

Maybe we need to lower our standards...

Cheers guys,

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