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Originally Posted by wonky
Hi there,
We could make something for these bikes, but due to the limited volumes we'd sell the price would probably end up something not far off the Mecasystems items. I Imagine $300+ .
We only have limited time to develo stuff so unless we had 10 or so people really wanting these, they'd have to go down the list.

Chris, you talking about rally/extended tanks for the 800?

Lots of people are griping about the 4.5gal capacity and potential adventure-touring shortfalls. If you made something that got the total capacity to 6gal or better, I think you'd have a hot seller. Just make sure (there's always a caveat, isn't there) that it'd be compatible with the major luggage players.

BTW, the bash plate looks kickass. Can't wait to see the crash bars.

Nate in N.E.

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