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Right on!

Originally Posted by wonky
Good point, but i dont want to create a pre-order list until we have pricing worked out if that makes sense. Basically if i do a list and then the pricing comes out quite expensive i think we'll have a 'you only charge that much as everybody says they want them' situation.

We're waiting on quotes from the pipe-bending contractor. As Dave mentioned above we have found a really top-notch company who have done amazing prototypes, but have yet to give us a quote for volume(or even for one-offs). Also we need to do a few sets to find out how much time is in each. On top of this the fitting kits we're putting together are looking to be quite expensive, as they're all stainless fasteners and machined Ali spacers. For example one of the main M10 flanged top frame bolts in stainless is looking like costing us $5.

So I will start a pre-order list as soon as we have an accurate price. First batch will probably be 25, so i wouldnt worry too much about availability.

Sounds good Wonky! Looking forward to seeing the end product. Keep us posted
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