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Eek F800 GS engine kill warning-- YIKES!

Here's the informal report I sent to my dealer:

Yesterday 10/1 at around 5p (Odometer1,492) I was riding my F800GS alone near Brownsville on north Mountain Home road. Several miles up the road the pavement ends and it turns to gravel. I stopped to put on a shirt and turned off the motorcycle. I restarted the engine normally but before I moved the bike (while the ABS light was blinking in startup mode) I held down the ABS button to disengage the ABS for the gravel road ahead.

I drove about a mile (with the ABS light on constantly indicating the ABS was off) and entered the gravel. The road was fairly steep going uphill at this point with loose gravel and heavy washboard. I went a short distance and was proceeding very slowly in 2nd gear around a sharp left curve and was bouncing on the washboards when the engine just quit abruptly as if a switch was thrown!! (I can't say for sure if the throttle was open slightly or closed, but I think I was under power. The clutch was fully out.)

The rear wheel immediately locked, and I could have easily gone down, but was able to turn abruptly to the left to regain my balance, pull in the clutch, cross the road and stop on the edge of the gravel on the inside of the turn. WOW! Just after I stopped a pickup truck went around me on the right as I was in his lane.

After pausing to regain my composure I turned off the key, then turned it on again and the bike started normally. This time I drove a short distance to activate the ABS, then stopped and disengaged the ABS by holding down the button. I was pretty nervous, but there were no further problems.

Comments? Anybody else have this kind of experience?
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