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Well than, I might have a little Ride Report for you. This ride report is about almost everything my handle,

is standing for. What it is…? That’s not in short to explain. Here’s a try:
  • “Cooltour”, pronounced in English sounds like the German word “Kultur” which simply means “culture”.
  • “tours” means and sounds the same in English and in German.
  • “Coo” sounds like the German word “Kuh” which means cow. The synonym Kuh is used for a BMW Motorcycle around german speaking nations., pleas don’t ask me to explain why…
  • “Cool” doesn’t have to be translated as it also means the same around here and there.
  • “Coolt” sounds like the German word “Kult” which means “cult” in English. It is often used colloquial as an adjective like “kultig” and describes things or incidents which the speaker wants to underline and distinguish.
Now, when I say that we are back from another Cooltours, it’s never more true than after this last trip with...

...the cow.

A 10 days trip to the Italian Tuscany!! There's realy not many cooler places…

…and not many more cool people than in Tuscany.

If it comes to culture, it’s tough to beat places like Pisa


…and most especially: Florence! Travelling to Florence is just hype and especially it seems to be quiet "kultig" for US-Citiciens to spend there some days.

Arts is everywhere in Florence!

One doesn't get tired to look at the dome from all kind of sides and angles….

…and if you find your way around all the other excited (scared to get lost in the crowd) people….

…one can look very close to worldclass artwork and craftsmanship.

Sorry, must go for my 2nd cappuccino today now. More to come soon;-)
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