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Originally Posted by motomac
Ben, heck of a report!!! I shudder everytime I think about doing the Liard. And to think I know hecto also. It was great to meet you and all the others up here during that time. Thanks for the link. I couldn't open this with my phone while I was on the road. Look forward to the next installments.
Hey Mac! Yeah, we sure had a good time, eh? Great to meet you too, and glad that we're still in touch (sent you an email earlier today, btw).

Originally Posted by motomac
I was just a couple of days ahead of Ben and this was his pond at sunrise at the camp ground in Ft Liard.
I was going to mention that you'd done the Liard Hwy just ahead of me when I introduced you when I get to the D2D posts. Good heavens man, be patient will ya? Who's RR is this, anyway?!!

Mac, I don't know how you did it, bud. The truck driver I spoke to explained how they were just turning the mud over, letting it dry out for a few days and then turning it over again. There'd been pretty decent weather for the week or so before I did that road, but when you went through it would have had two days less to dry out. You got some balls, man! (Either that or you're even dumber than me, and that's unlikely!)

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