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Originally Posted by brunstei
Hey Ben!

Good reading so far, looking forward to your Dempster pics since we didn't make it up there We met you at Bell II, towards the end of this trip I think. I'm pretty sure we also me the same German pair, just S. of Stewart Crossing - if a Unimog is this huge cube-van sort of thing, and they were about 3 years into some round-the-world excursion? I missed out on most of our conversation with them, 'cause I was the only non-German speaking member of my group so it was all in german, but that gave me an excuse to surespitiously oogle the wife for lack of anything better to do.

Looking forward to the rest of your RR!

Hey brunstei! I think I know who you are - one of a group of about 5 riders from the lower mainland (or southern BC, anyway) right? You guys got to Bell 11 late and rented a cabin 'cos the bugs were so bad at the tent spots? I think I took down your username, if not your email address, but I haven't opened my notebook since I finished the trip, which would explain my lack of contact...

How was your trip? Man, that Cassiar's a great highway huh? LOTS of Dempster pics to come over the next few days, believe me.

Thanks for posting!

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