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over macho grande?
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Hey Cevquit! Sorry about your laptop, hopefully the asshat that stole it will get caught surfing kiddie porn.

I found two sizes of the molex with the sharp angles on them, the big one has the right size pins but the block is to big and the spacing is wrong.
The smaller one has pins that are to small. I drilled out the small one to make the bigger pins fit only to discover the curse of undersized wiring that lurks in the KTM.
I'm wiring up a HID kit in (after Gorman I swore no more crappy lights!)
but the stock wiring won't fire the light. Oh well, so I've got a fuse block on it's way and will spend a couple nights in the garage sorting it out.

Eastern Beaver has some great stuff.
Thanks for the links, have fun in Mt. Hood. Wish I could be there.

Take care, nick

p.s. I'm still down for a disc guard when they happen.
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