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Good Lord Man! I realized I had made a huge mistake by the time I quit re-building every part on this goofy airhead I bought off craigs list. I finished it regardless and traded it for a functional motorcycle luckily. You on the other hand have a TX 750 to work on,they were widely known as the biggest piece of crap Yamaha ever built! Ive never seen one running,only as rusted heaps in sheds. I salute you sir! quixote leanings are always of value in this modern disposable world of ours. I really hope this bike is everything you think it may or could be.................what was I saying? Oh yeah! Best of luck on this esteemable project of yours and Ive got some sweet TM400s out behind the woodpile I could sell you cheap,also some Edsel parts that could possibly be applied to your current project as they do bear a resemblance. Im subscribing to this thread for sure. Im pulling for you!(how did you arrive at 230.00 on the price anyway?)
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