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another battery replacement option?

Got a quote from local beemer dealer for my 1987 R80 Airhead

BMW Dealer
Westco W49-1209
measures 7" in length, 3" wide, 6.5" tall.
12Volt 20ah
Weight 14.5lbs
MSRP on Westco site: $99, $115 @ dealer.

or you could go to
Panasonic LC-X1220P
measures 7.126 in length, 2.992" wide, and 6.575 tall.
12Volt 20Ah
Weight 14.56 lbs
$75+shipping(figure about $20-25)=$100

same dimensions, almost, and cheaper. I'll be going with Digikey when its time to replace. Best part? Same battery should work just fine for my 2004 R1150RT! Or if in a rush, I'll just get it at the dealer I guess.
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