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San Diego Summer School 2008

With summer closing down and fall approaching, I thought it time to review what has been learned during a summer of off pavement exploration here in Southern California, sometimes known as SOCAL.
Contrary to popular belief, it does rain a few days per season here.

When it does, act quickly to enjoy the greenery.

There were a couple of challenging trips down to the Anza Borrego during a few unexpected cool days. If I learned anything this summer session it is that the desert is the ultimate challenge on a 500lb moto. Not being a lifelong offroader, the learning curve dictated numerous dead lifts. I discovered that three 550lb dead lifts are my limit before I search out the nearest pavement for relief. I've about worn out this photo. It should be retired, and will next season.

But, the Dez has many wonders to recommend.

Just be certain to take pals along for safety and added laughs.

As temperatures rise, the riding travels up slope

The summer really has been a learning experience, as I have only been exploring the county off pavement areas for 1 1/2 years. Discovering views of old places from new perspectives has been tremendous fun. Plus, finding places I have never visited in the county of my birth is amazing.

The summer heat encouraged one trip up north to Big Bear with my riding pal Captcham. We camped at Crab Flats and got a good overview

The Capt is an adventurous spirit and he is not bashful about exploring new roads. If you have ever travelled 3N34 you know what I mean. That was a large challenge, just downhill.

A fun time had by all

Back in town, it was time to search out previously unknown (to me) corners of the county. Study/homework followed by weekend exams

Life can be good in SOCAL, Up on Santa Rosa Mtn.

Pine Mountain

And more...

My summer school final exam just came back. It tells me there is more to learn! More homework, more field research. Off I go.

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