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Originally Posted by kixtand
Interesting... On my 750 I'm running heads w/ 44mm intake valves and the stock 38mm exhaust with stiffer springs on both sides, and they have been on the flowbench as well. I am running 38m Dell'Ortos, w/ the pumps disabled (AHRMA rules...) I had the bike on the dyno about a month ago and confirmed that the mixture is correct w/ the jets I spec'd, w/ just a slightly lean spot right off of idle.

The bike pulls strong up to 8K RPM, but I have the rev limiter set at about 7500 just to keep the engine internals internal .

What size second plug are you running w/ those big valves?? (I can't imagine there's much room in there...)

Let us know what you find out w/ the different carbs.

I just got these heads and thought I'd be the first around here to run 44mm intakes. Looks like you beat me to it.
Curious about your Dyno numbers.... Care to share?

Also, do you like the way it runs with smaller exhaust and 38mm carbs? I got a set of 38mm Mikuni roundslides I can try.
One thing I'd like to experiment with is longer intakes between carbs and heads. With rearsets, I'll have plenty of room.
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