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Originally Posted by Oni
Hey bruddah

There is a group of serious dual sport riders in HI. Don't remember if he posts here or on Thumpertalk.

Wish I was there!
HEY!! I BE DAR BOUT DREEOLOCK!! I posted this same add on Thumpertalk. Found a guy who rides Kahukus on the weekends. SHould be going with him Saturday. I have also ridden up on Haliewa with a guy named Buz. Im slowly meeting some riders around. Most truck their bikes though. Buz dont but nearly all at Kahukus do. Guess they dont get Dual Sports. As far as DS rider group, Im all about it!! Oh and why arn't you here??

Originally Posted by Southest US Thumper
Aw there's bunches of folks in Hawaii, well at least some, such as meself, Mauna Kea, PHACTORYPHIL, Great Sandhu, AllEuro, and at least three or five others, o.k. two of them moved to the mangeland.

I'm on the big island, haven't ridden for almost five months while recovering from a fricken shoulder injury from the Mauna Kea 200 LOOK HERE . Riding is pretty good over here for DS in the way of having a quality plated dirt bike to avoid trailering, the Super Ferry is supposed to start to this rock next year, put your bike on the boat and come on down!

I'm planning on doing it! I have wanted to ride the big island since I got here and got my bike! Its not everyday you get 3 years to ride all over Hawai'i. I'll get there in die time. Gotta save some cash for a hotel. They can get expensive over there. Unless you wanna loan me a cot at your office

Originally Posted by Southest US Thumper
Oh yeah, the guy that bought my last and nicely farkled DRZ is a squid that works in the P3 Squadron assigned to MCBH, blue, yosh pipe, BD tail light, pegs, etc. etc.
Im in the Marines and Im on MCBH. Wouldnt happen to know if he is still here would ya? How long ago did you sell it to him??
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