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Day 6 on the great divide started in Dubois Wyoming. We had a good soaking rain coming into Dubois the night before, and unlike the previous days it continued raining through the nite and into the next morning. I was set to camp in the motel for a day or 2 to wait out the rain in the forcast but the rest of the group chose to press on so off we went over 9200 ft. Union Pass into the Bridger Teton National Wilderness. The heavy rain made it pretty slick on top with one short section that got really slimey, This caused David and Skwerl to turn around and take the longer paved road to meet JimC RCrabb and I in Pinedale Wyoming. Fortunately the slimey section was short and the rest of the dirt to Pinedale was a lot of fun - if only they would have known! Here I am looking back and wondering where everybody went while the rest of the group were a mile or so back discussing the mud reroute plans

The weather improved quickly making my idea of camping in the motel look pretty wussy. The damp road conditions made for some great traction and the clouds just enhanced the beautiful scenery.

JimC RCrabb and I arrived in Pinedale Wy a couple of hours ahead of David and Skwerl. David was thinking of heading back to Sacto to attend some personal issues at home. When they finally arrived in Pinedale Skwerl had also decided to head back to Sacto. Skwerl had a radiator leak on his F650 and was probably a little worn out from all the dirt with limited dirt experience in his past

The next leg of the trip was heading further away from the home direction and I had to make a decision to head home with David and Skwerl or press on towards New Mexico. It was a tough decision since I new the Jim C only had a couple of days left to ride when we would be be much farther from home and may not make our destination anyway. Press on it was.

The wait for David and Skwerl had put us behind schedule. It was about Ipm and we had about 250 miles of dirt between us and the next town - Rawlins Wyoming. We hit it pretty hard that afternoon and still didnt get into Rawlins until 8pm. Most of the ride to Rawlins was high desert, but with exceptionally smooth dirt roads. There were a few exceptions like this little hill climb where JimC biffed it.

The weather started to turn again that afternoon with dark clouds all around us at times. Fortunately we seemed to turn and skirt most of the dark lightning clouds just in time.

It was a long cool and windy afternoon on some 70 mph 2 track desert roads. This may have been the cloud that finally caught us on the way to Rawlins

On the way into Rawlins RCrabbs F650 started to leak coolant from the water pump. This would lead to the end of his Ride. BTW, I forgot to mention that RCrabb was on his second Great Divide Ride and he rode all the way from Chicago to do it again. I really appreaciated the information he shared from his prior experience on this trip and was sorry to see him leave the next morning.

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