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Originally Posted by Airhead Wrangler
On my trip up to alaska in June, my subframe cracked as a result of Jesse luggage's crappy mounts. Instead of repairing an already relatively weak subframe and having it break again later on some other trip, I decided it would be best to replace it with one from an r100gs which is significantly sturdier. Since the subframe from the GS is wider it required a new seat, and since I had to buy a new seat anyway, why not a badass solo seat? The subframe was pretty much bolt-on, but one of the mounting holes was about an 1/8" off and required a little tweaking to make it work. I got the idea from this thread:

Don't worry, there were no permanent modifications made anywhere and I saved all the original parts so it can all be put completely back to stock again.

This shot shows it a little better - there's a bit of a gap between the seat and tank, but overall I think it's a huge improvement.
Okay, not being of the GS nor G/S bloodline, I need to ask a question: you have a monolever bike that was crashed, now you are using a paralever subframe, correct? So there were no necessery mods to the drivetrain etc since the shock mount is to the main frame? Problem is solely with fender mount etc? Then the G/S seat fits, but with some room between the tank and seat?

I am getting more and more intrigued with the R80 and want to learn...... this is great fun.................

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