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Originally Posted by bpeckm
Okay, not being of the GS nor G/S bloodline, I need to ask a question: you have a monolever bike that was crashed, now you are using a paralever subframe, correct? So there were no necessery mods to the drivetrain etc since the shock mount is to the main frame? Problem is solely with fender mount etc? Then the G/S seat fits, but with some room between the tank and seat?

I am getting more and more intrigued with the R80 and want to learn...... this is great fun.................
A couple clarifications:
First off, I didn't even crash. Just riding a dirt road was enough to bust the subframe.

Second, it's a GS (not a G/S) seat

I decided to go with a GS (not G/S) subframe because it's quite a bit sturdier, also because it allows me to use the GS solo seat that interfaces with the GS tank (also not G/S) that I added previously.

If I had stuck with the original tank and original subframe, I could've used a G/S solo seat and rack (still available new out of germany) with no gap.

To answer your question though, no. No mods to the frame or subframe or even the fender. I just bought a GS fender instead of modifying the original as I want to be able to put this thing back in stock unmolested form should I ever feel the urge. The subframe just bolted right on with a little persuasion. Three of the holes lined up perfectly, but the bottom left was off about 1/8" and took a little bending to make it line up, but nothing serious at all.
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