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Originally Posted by m0x
looking at the pictures have actually calmed me down... thanks TS thumbs up for you
all part of the service, my friend - the bill is in the mail!

After the Arctic Circle pullout, it was time to head north toward the NWT border. At Eagle Plains Rick and co had told us that the road became worse across the border, and I’d written in my journal that that sacred me. Not that it had been bad so far, just rough in places, but I’m not a very experienced off road rider (or rider at all, in fact), and one of the things I hate most is gravel. We were told there’d be plenty of it, laid on thick just for us!

Before we went too far, though, we came across the truck that had flipped while we were having breakfast.

You can see how recently it happened - the lights are still on.

Not sure how this happened, it being a flat, straight stretch of road. My guess that he was pouring a coffee, changing the 8-track cassette, or maybe dozed off - but once he'd caught one wheel over the soft shoulder of the road it would have just sucked him on in to the ditch. The guy was ok, by the way - shaken but not broken. He'd been wearing a seatbelt and that likely saved his life.

The trailer was full of fresh fruit and veg, and the doors were bent to the extent that you could get in there easily enough. The cheap-ass KLR owner in me saw a free lunch and I asked the guy who was dealing with the wreck what the scoop was on my grabbing something to eat out of the trailer. He said, "That's illegal". I thought to myself that I hadn't asked whether it was legal or not....

For those of you that have never driven a rig, one of the most elemental things when driving one is to keep the rubber side down. Hmm, a slight oversight on the part of this particular driver...

Ok, although it didn't directly have any influence on this particular trip, when I saw 'Long Way Round' and those guys were in Russia on the Road Of Bones I felt 'the calling' - that is adventure. Anyone can ride to Inuvik, but dealing with what those guys did was pure motorbike porn in my book. Before they'd got that far and were still in Mongolia I was struck but the sheer scale and beauty of the landscapethey were riding through, and ever since then Mongolia has been my dream ride - you can even look and see that it says that in my profile (would I lie to you?!) But up here, you know...I don't think what you ride through on the Dempster is that much different. In many ways I feel that I might as well have done Mongolia already, in terms of scenery at least. The ride from the pull out to the border crossing was, I think, some of the most spectacular things I'm ever likely to see, (mirrors excluded, of course!!!).

Check this out:

And my favourite because it gives a good sense of scale. Thanks to Hecktoglider for posing for this one

Coming up, I'm about to put the good luck bracelet that Rick gave me to the test when I have my first 'oops' of the trip. But I'm likely going to be posting less frequently, for a few days anyway. Today is my last day at work here and I'll be spending the weekend traveling home. Once I'm back in Yellowknife I'll do what I can, but it's going to be a busy week. I'd like to as much as I can before I go to Ellesmere Island just to get rid of a few more of these pics - I think I took about 800 over the entire trip!

(And you're going to have to suffer through every one of them....)

Ride Report: Canada North to South 2008 here
Drive Report: Ice Road Trucking 2005-2014 here

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