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Two questions:
1. What was the cause of the pulled headbolt on Duane's R80? Curious if it was during maintenance (my guess) or it failed during operation?
The headbolt pulled during operation. Duane asked around and found that while not common, this was a known problem on the early R80GS's. Duane has one very trick R80GS.

2. Was the radiator failure on RCrabb's F650 the old "rock caught behind the radiator" thing or something else.
Robin's failure turned out to be the water pump seal. He had 57,000 hard miles on his F650 when it started leaking. I would probably not consider it an unusual occurrence based on the life his bike has led. He rides it like he stole it!

Skwerl's radiator leak could likely have been the "rock in the radiator guard".

Jim in Sacramento
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