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Originally Posted by Purzell

So, what does it act like when it needs valves adjusted? Anyone?

When the intake valves get to where they are starting to tighten up, the bike will be hesitant to start.
It could manifest as one of many different runability factors, to include..

1. Turns over and over, and over, and over when cold before it starts to sputter, stammer and hiccup. Using the throttle or trying to use less choke will kill the cold engine..

2. Starts, then stops after running for just a few seconds when cold..
does this over and over...will run a few seconds, then dies

3. Taking a long time to increase the performance from when the engine is cold. IE: symptoms last until a good 7-10 minutes before they slightly clear up.

4. Extremely long use of choke to keep engine running(more than 30 seconds or so in the summer, 1-2 miles in winter)approximately
5. Loss of power, even when warm.

6. Smoking out the exhaust, not enough air to completely burn fuel mixture

7. Hesitation, even when warm, just off idle or blipping the throttle

8. Total lack of any power until 6000k RPMs, then just a little oomph(strained), a seeming underpowered response to throttle application

9. Rough idle, warm or cold

10. Poor MPG this bike should get 68+ all day long into 76+possible

11. You've hit 600, or 24000 miles
(time for routine valve adjustment, as per spec manual)

Purzell, it could be many things..
A carb rebuild? Could have the AP setting/advance off...squirting too much fuel in or too early.
I didn't see a new spark plug listed in the description of your service work, either..
NGK CR8 EH-9 or CR9 EH-9
Maybe the electrode clearance is too great(worn), or the insulator has cracked..

Or a ground that is getting rusted....a loose clamp in the airbox snorkel, or anything really..

But I think the above covers the 'does my valve clearance need adjusting?' statement...If more than two of these fit, and you are getting close to the mileage interval for the valve might be a suspect

When I adjusted my valves, it seemed as though i had installed a larger piston, and a higher HP cam
More power, easier running, easy cold starts....quick warm ups..smooth idle..

More go ponies!! wheeeeeee!
Honda NX250??
I prefer to ride, and when i do, it's 'un Equi

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