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Originally Posted by the darth peach
I like the bit about the flipped produce truck!

Nice report!
Thanks darth! I've been looking at yours too and am jealous of your SoCal weather. It's nice in Toronto right now, but it's been snowing in YK for the past two weeks already. Oh well....

So we left Mr. Upside Down Truck and headed for the NWT border. Good to be home again and all that crap, but the road really did get noticeably worse. Not bad compared with what was to come, but there was enough of a difference that it threw me, and I almost copied Mr. Upside down. I was coming through a little S-curve - and these aren't exactly the world's sharpest corners we're talking about, but I suddenly lost all my confidence and did the two worst things I could have done. I became fixated on the deeper gravel on the side of the road where I specifically didn't want to head, and I slowed down. The result?

Yeah, well.

I was only going about 50 km/h, maybe 60 at the most and I pretty much just ended up sliding off the soft shoulder and landing on my left hand side. I wasn't hurt, but I was glad that I hadn't had more of a head of steam up because if I'd gone sailing over the edge I'd have landed about 30ft below in the river. And that wouldn't have been good.

I shut the bike off, unplugged my electric vest and climbed off, beginning to unload the thing, before I remembered that this was going to be on ADV and promptly took the photo above.

Standing the bike upright was easy enough but I couldn't walk it up onto the road 'cos the rear tire just kept spinning, so all I could do was wait.

And take photos.

It was sunny, and pretty, so all I could do was take pics and explore while I waited for someone to come along and give me a hand.

I wasn't hurt, and neither was the bike other than one broken mirror, so I figured that this is where the bracelet I'd been given worked its magic. Thank you magic fairies!

I was there a couple of hours all told, I think. Eventually a Highways pickup came along and we got the bike back onto the road in about 30 seconds flat. I loaded up and jumped on the bike, fired it up and was just adjusting my one remaining mirror when Hecktoglider came back looking for me, proving that our system worked. Thanks again, Heckto - I know you were a long way ahead of me when you realized something was wrong.

Heckto leading the way again

There are two ferry crossings on the Dempster hwy, one crosses the Peel river and the other the mighty Mackenzie.

We stopped for gas in Fort Macpherson and these kids...

...started asking us about our bikes. They were all over Kari's black bike and asking how much it cost, how far he could get on a tank of gas, how fast it went etc. Kari answered their questions and by that time we were ready to be off again. Just as we were about to leave they pointed to my bike and started asking the same questions. I told them it was the same bike...then Kari rode off and I said to them, "You know, I couldn't say anything infront of him, but my bike is faster 'cos it's red".

The gravel realy did get deeper the further we went, but for some reason my face plant had only helped and I now felt more confident than I ever had. I was able to pick a better line and pick up speed. The views were...big...not as spectacular as they had been in the Yukon, but you could see the curvature of the earth now, the distances were so huge. Crazy. I really got into my ride, and then had a sudden urge to hear Dire Straits' 'Love Over Gold' album so I pulled over and put my iPod on.

At last...

It was 10:15pm when we rolled into Inuvik and once again I was simply shattered. The lady in this pic was repainting the sign and she told us that the campground was the other end of town, so off we went. Driving through town I immediately liked it - it is just a mini version of Yellowknife and I felt right at home.

We found the campground, paid for a night and grabbed the best spot, which happened to be available. Mission accomplished - we had ridden the Dempster.


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