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Originally Posted by ]I)Money
DRZs and Wees are fine bikes, but not really comparable. If the 800 fits the bill of the riding you want to do, but your'e terrified by internet boogiemen, then go orange, either a 640 or 990 adv.
There a lot of truth in that, but if someone was scared of the internet boogieman, than they wouldn't be going for a KTM either There are just as many scare stories about them.

Unfortunately bad experiences are always going to get more attention than good ones, on the internet. For every horror story about a bike, there are a hundred satisfied owners. I've yet to see a proper horror story about the 800, just a few minor glitches which are all easily fixed. This shouldn't put anyone of the bike, the F650 is excellent, I'm sure the F800 is too.

The real killer for me however, is that the nearest BMW dealer is a long way away. Otherwise the F650 would be at the top of my shopping list, along with the equally good but considerably cheaper Vstrom.
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