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I get goosebumps reading this, and looking at the pics. I think the produce truck driver said(to the rescuers) it was the glare on his windsheild, from the midnight sun.....It was'nt midnight, but anyways thats what impaired his vision, and the soft shoulder pulled him over.
I was about 40 km ahead of you when I turned back. I waited a long time at a nice spot to get a photo of the bike approaching, and you never appeared. I got to enjoy that section of road again!
I am glad you took so many photos. I took way less. I distinctly remember seeing the curve of the earth at the top end of Canada, just before we descended into the Beaufort Delta and the Peel River crossing. This ride has been one of the best I have ever done. The way back was really spectacular too. I am glad we had the good weather and were able to kick back in Inuvik for 3 days and really enjoy the time there.
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