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Originally Posted by Motoriley
Thanks for the tip. I guess I'll cancel my F800Gs order ASAP.
People complain on the net. It is the nature of the beast. All bikes have problems. My buddies new ST1300 had leaking base gaskets and a bad water pump. Doesn't mean that STs aren't reliable in general. Go ask a KLR dealer about the "doohickey" all you'll get is a blank stare. Looks like the main issue with the 800gs was a software update. My read on the bike from lurking on the lists is that it has a basically bullet proof motor and people love this bike.
Thanks for the intelligent response...others could learn from you.

Yeah I get that all bikes have problems, what I've been trying to gauge (which is hard without some kind of Consumer Reports type reliability survey) is whether 1) the F800s are having consistent problems and 2) how decisively BMW is addressing them. Both interesting questions when making a purchase of this size.
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