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We continued on down the crazy switch backs then headed east to Colorado.

Dinasour for Lunch. Not much in town, but this place has GREAT espreso! Bejebus had about 7 shots in 2 americanos. Our theory was that if he could vibrate completely 180 degrees out of phase with his 1200 then he should feel less vibration. Sounds fesible?

All day 650freaks bike had been hesitating. It was worse at lower elevations and higher temperatures. We eliminated a blocked vent, my best guess was the fuel was boiling in the float bowl. The float bowl sits pretty close to the exhaust header on the KLR, so we improvised a heat sheild with a soda can. The problem never recurred, but it never got as hot as that day for the rest of the trip. We touched 40 degrees celcius.

We spent the night at Frisco. We hoped to get a little further east, the mechanical issues from earlier and choosing the sceanic route through Flaming Gorge cost us some time. Frisco wound up being a nice place to spend the night. We prefer town that have good places to eat, but are real huge tourist traps.

Our objective in this area of Colorado was Mt Evans. It's not a difficult ride, being that it is paved up to the top, but I think it's the highest I have ever been outside of an airplane.

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