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Some more pics....

Better late than never (I hope). Thought I'd include a few more pics from the first half of the ride....

On the first day, David, Duane and L2L at Red Meadows Lake outside of Whitefish, MT. Beautiful spot, but the mosquitos drank blood by the pint!

More ugly countryside....

It was pretty hard not to stop every 50 yards or so to snap a picture. JimC and I both took shots of this little lake.

L2L already mentioned JimC's gymnastics over one one berm on the ride. Here are JimC and R_crabb performing some precise frame adjustments on JimC's F650 at the motel. The maid must have been pretty surprised to find the 3' crowbar on the bed in the morning!

Getting a few miles in during the morning made breakfast taste all the better. Only downside--folks in these towns don't move there to rush. Plan on a leisurely meal if you decide to stop in! David and Duane making the turn for Lincoln, MT.

More to follow (if I got this one right!)

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