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Route info

Anyone interested in doing the ride from South to North or from North to South or in segments should check out the site. Jim Robinson (site owner) has a CD with the way points for the entire route on it. In both directions and with the alternate sections also on it.
(The Adventure Cycling maps have some sections that they present alternate routes on so you can chose to avoid certain areas).

You need both the GPS cooridnates and roll charts created from the maps, and the maps themselves. You will still lose the way with all of this at times.

I rode the first 1040 miles from North to South but managed to break an ankle just north of Pinedale Wy. the other 3 riders I was with went ahead and finished the ride all the way to Antelope Wells.

There is one very challenging section just north of Wise River MT. you get off of FR 4009 onto 1878-D1. It is listed as a very rough 4 wheel drive road(on the Adventure Cycling maps). (I'm not sure that anyone would try to take a 4 wheel drive up it and down the back side). Anyway 11 miles into it you come to Fleecer ridge and the downhill is listed in the book on the Great Divide ride as "extremely steep" believe it- it is extremely steep.

The CD from routes you around this very difficult section. We went through it and it took us 2 hours to do the 11 miles.

take care, 12ride.
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