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Originally Posted by mymindsok
Cafe racers were built for high speed runs from cafe to cafe. Sometimes bets were placed but probably more often, the runs were for bragging rights and an opportunity to take some cute chick home.

Back in the day, just as today, not all of the guys who were part of the scene had the skills, the cash or the creativity build a true Cafe Racer, so they made due with a short seat, hacksawed fenders, maybe a fairing, loud pipes and rear sets if they had the dosh.

Right on!

IMO a Caferacer is either built or stripped for performance. Anything that doesn't make horsepower doesn't belong. The only parts added are those that improve handling or braking. Comfort is sacrificed in order to streamline or reduce weight. Pure hot rod.

There is nothing wrong with "gentleman's" performance custom, but it is not a Caferacer. I also like factory customs like the R90S, XLCR, XR1000 and the new retro Ducs and Triumphs, but they are not Caferacers either.
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