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Holy Suspension travel!!!

Originally Posted by mymindsok

I dissagree....

THere should be about 12" of fork travel on an Airhead front end and those gaiters are clearly compressed further than the 1/2" or so that the Telefix takes up. (Yes, I went out to the garage and looked!)

In fact, the gaiters appear to be incorrectly installed on the telefix as well. The clamping portion of the Telefic should be mounted so that it clamps onto the same machined area where the gaiters once went. Then the gaiters get clamped to the machined lip at the top of the Telefix. How come I'm seeing the fork tube? Oh yeah... It's because the gaiters arent clamped down!

The bikes been lowered, thereby eliminating most of the ground clearance, fork travel and safety margins.

If looks can kill, heres your example.
While I think that 12" suspension travel would make for a sweet ride, airheads are lucky to get 9 inches. In fact the stock forks for that bike make just a hair over 8. Heck, even the new HP2 offroaders only get a little more than 6 inches of travel. So I guess we'll just disagree on the fact that the bike in the picture is lowered. I still say it's just an optical illusion exacerbated by the aftermarket brace. Still a cool bike, though.
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