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Originally Posted by luv2lean
Overall the terrain was not as difficult as I expected. Most of the the dirt roads were in good conditions and would be fun on any big DP bike. Knobbies would be good, but I used Avon Gripsters on my GS and only had minor trouble in a couple of mud sections. We rode hiway speeds over several long dirt sections. If you are riding any distance to get to the trail like we did, and are packing a lot of gear, the big GS may be the way to go for overall comfort. Unless your riding a much smaller bike and carrying little gear you'd probably be wise to route around the most difficult sections like we did anyway
The dirt novice has to chime in here--L2L is a damn good dirt rider... or so my other friends on the ride told me , so your mileage may vary. He definitely didn't seem to have any trouble (when he was close enough that I could still see him), using Gripsters, but I found my TKC-80's a big help compensating for my limited abilities with traction management. And there was at least one place where I thought R_crabb's Karoo's looked pretty nice!

Originally Posted by luv2lean
The most important lesson is never, ever ride with a group of F650s! HA HA just kidding, I was quite impressed with the range of use those little girly bikes had.
Okay, I wasn't gonna give you a bad time about the enormous BMW roundels on your saddlebags, but after that remark....

Dang, I was afraid that the deer on the trip were going to use those big things for target practice!!!

It was great riding with everyone on this trip. When I got home I did some scouting work for a club poker run and was drooling over all of the trails I saw branching off the roads around Iowa Hill, Sugarpine Res, and Foresthill.... I went home and printed out a map of the Foresthill trails. Some of these "insane" ride reports look a heckuva lot more interesting now. I guess I better start saving up for more spare parts!

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