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Originally Posted by swimmer
Received my Ignition jacket today. It fits great although it is a little big in the gut area but I guess that's the price I pay for being a lean, mean, athletic machine. A smaller size would not work. I can see this as being a very versatile jacket and it really is nice looking. Thanks for answering all my questions and let me know when that other item shows up.
Yeah, this mirrors my fit experience with the Cayenne Pro I purchased from Dennis. Fits great in my broad shoulders and back, but a little too big in the midsection. Dennis counseled me to go with the XL, and I am glad that I did. If I went with a large the midsection would be okay but the sleeves would be too short and shoulders too tight. I considered the sleeve length and shoulder sizing as a good trade-off for having a little "extra" at the tummy. I was impressed that Dennis was able to fit me so well over two PMs. He knows his product.
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