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Originally Posted by ADVHOG
Great write up, Tom.

Do you notice any difference off or on road with the 21 inch tire of the 800 over the 19 inch of the 650?
I've seen a lot of people (based on personal experience or just what they've read and are repeating) state that they can detect more sluggish on-road handling with the larger wheel. Maybe I'm just not sufficiently attuned to the bike but I don't notice any difference at all on the street.

Off road I do think the 21" wheel is a real asset. In the sandy pine barrens there aren't a lot of HARD bumps to test the strength or the ability of the front wheel to overcome an obstacle, but I've found myself facing a whoop that had a hole in the bottom and in that situation I think the 21" wheel vs. the 19" wheel may have spelled the difference between loose fillings and disaster.

If I were going to run over rocky terrain often I wouldn't think twice about getting 21" over 19". In other situations it's not as critical but the greater gyroscopic mass does help in loose situations.
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