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Can these two cables create my problems?

See the attached image. I had have some problems during this season on my 2003 640 Adv.

Quite often It will not start, similar to no juice in the battery. Displays shut´s off, starter klicks. If I use decomp I might get it started. Otherwise I have to kickstart. Then it works fine for a day or two. Strange

On my latest trip it was more serious. When I was as far from home I could be it wont start or let me kickstart it. I had to use cables from a friend.

Next problem was when I tried to use Hi beam, It just shut off the whole bike. No power at all, cables again.

If you look carefully, you can see that Blue and Red White are not soldered and they has been loose for a while.
According to wiring diagram, those cables are not in use, but what if they touches another cable?

Any ideas?
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