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Originally Posted by tstites
I dunno about anyone else, but I don't see no steeenking picture! Gotta post that photo or no go! Whoever posts the photo first be da least that is my understanding of the rules.

Yeah, those whoops are fun...went back and did them a second time...cranked up the damping a little bit.

The horse people out there are hit and miss...I usually stop and shut the engine off til they pass. I ride horses now and then and know how spooky they can be. It's a real shame this area has never been opened up for OHV use...the horses and bikes have it to themselves. I think we should lobby to have it opened up for limited OHV use...alternate days for motorized and non-motorized use...alternate weekends as well. It's a great resource that is essentially going to waste.

Yeah, I always try to be polite. I don't want to see anyone tossed. I pulled in the clutch, almost came to a stop and she was still anrgily motioning for me to turn around. Whateva.

Not sure why you can't see the pic. Let's try it again.

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