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Gear notes

My husband and I took a 2 month, cross-country trip last summer and thought we should move our gear review notes over to the gear/equipment forum. So thanks to GB, this is where they now live. Enjoy!

- HelloKitty
I noticed some of you were interested in my gear on this trip and how it performed, so I have just a couple photos and descriptions for you.

The protective layer consisted of my Shoei Hornet helmet, BMW Savannah boots, the BMW Summer pants and my RevIT Airforce jacket:

From Gear Review

The pants did show the dirt, but they were easy to clean - just pull the pads out and throw in the wash. I didn't even bother to separate it from the rest of the clothes we were washing, everything came out fine.

About the jacket, I've only had it for 10 months and can't say enough great things about it. Its very much a summer jacket with fantastic ventilation. The liner is good for 60 - 70 degree weather with long sleeve shirt. I added a gore-tex rain shell over the top and my heated vest and I could ride at 30-40 degrees pretty comfortably. The only issue I had was fraying on the cuffs from the velcro closure - apparently they fixed this in a newer version of the coat. We spoke to folks at RevIT about it and we're hoping they can sort it out for us.

Also, adding the gore-tex rain pants over the summer pants works really well - these things are completely rain and wind proof - I much prefer this to rain proof liners so far. Here's a pic of my "rain & wind" layer:

From Gear Review

All of this stuff was easy to clean, just regular laundry. Except for the RevIT coat - but it actually stayed remarkably clean and odor free. Several times on our trip I used the hotel facecloth, hot water and a dot of the free shampoo to rub out the bugs and dust. This worked well and didn't take more than 5 or 10 minutes.

My gore-tex rain pants came from an LL Bean outlet in Wareham, MA - they were marked down to like $36. Its got the big dorky logo on the leg, but I loved the features (like full length/leg zippers & velcro, lined pockets & optional suspenders). They look like a leftover from "Steamboat" ski resort as they have a blacked out label inside. Outlets are great.

My rain jacket is a basic gore-tex shell from EMS, something from the ladies clearance rack / end of season type deal from a few years ago. If there are any petite ladies looking for gear like this, EMS and REI both seem to have lots of x-small and small sizes in hi-tech outerwear at the end of every season. My husband hates me for it.

About the helmet - the visor was much appreciated, although I wished it provided a tad bit more coverage. When I bought it, the cheek pads were too thick, so I ordered the smaller pads and now I can chew gum without chewing my face. It does fog up a bit when its cold, so it was good to have a buff as I had to leave the visor cracked in those situations. Cleaning it is laborious (can easily be a 20 min process), and sometimes tricky - if you don't have everything lined up, the visor won't close snugly (had to suffer this for a couple weeks til I had time to clean and fix it again). It keeps the sun out of my eyes, has great visibility and fits my head. I like this helmet.

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