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thanks all you Guys, in particular Losiu and dentvet!

Replaced the spragg clutch today after picking up a magneto puller from the local dealer ($70 and no 6 week backorder.... )

Rattle gunned the nut of the end of the crank, popped on the puller and presto... the little 'spragg bits' in the clutch assy were visibly worn and the spring very sloppy.
Inner surface of the freewheel hub was marked but still smooth, could see chatter marks left by the spraggs as they grip and slip as the spring starts to lose tension....

BTW warewolf, you mentioned.. "Anyway, now I am up for a new starter clutch, probably new starter gear wheel as the hub outer surface that engages the starter clutch looks very worn. I presume they are supposed to be flat, not having a trench in the hub, reminiscent of a worn brake disc? Hopefully not a new flywheel hub, too. ''
There's supposed to be a small lip at the outer edge of the inner (drive) surface on the freewheel (creates the shallow trench).... the spragg circlip snaps in behind this... making sure it's fully seated.... see Losiu's pic below, in the earlier post....

Out with the old, in with new, 10 minutes reassembly an' it starts like new, off the button - Hooray!

If anybody in Aus needs a (loaner) magneto puller, pm me.


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