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Originally Posted by mymindsok
The Wudo bike is simply a prop, intended to display some new parts that are currently being reproduced and AFAIC, those are some pretty kool parts. I LOVE the fairing! So by my reckoning, it isnt a cafe racer per se. What it is, is a cafe STYLE bike. A Cafe Racer is something else

Cafe racers were built for high speed runs from cafe to cafe. Sometimes bets were placed but probably more often, the runs were for bragging rights and an opportunity to take some cute chick home.

Back in the day, just as today, not all of the guys who were part of the scene had the skills, the cash or the creativity build a true Cafe Racer, so they made due with a short seat, hacksawed fenders, maybe a fairing, loud pipes and rear sets if they had the dosh.

Come to think of it, the situation is similiar to that of the kids who can't afford to hot rod thier Honda Civic, so they put on a loud muffler, add a few guages on the window post, throw away the hood and call it a Tuner Car.

Most Cafe bikes could easily be refered to as "Poser bikes" but that would just piss people off and really.. It's only a hobby.
mymindsock has a pretty good handle on it. There is no real definition of a cafe racer. So opinions on what is and what isn't are abit silly. Although I'd think it did need more than just low handlebars but maybe not. That's just my meaningless silly opinion. In 60's England where the term started they could either be stripped down for speed street bikes or bikes made up to mimic the racers and cruise or race from cafe to coffee bars and back. There are two fun books on the subject. "Cafe Racers of the 1960s" by Mick Walker and "Cafe Racers" by Mike Clay. I've read them both and still wouldn't/couldn't define them.

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