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Originally Posted by notmybikemodelname
Anyone up for 2-3 day pre-Baja trip out to DV the weekend of November 7th?

A friend of mine (Herrhelmet, 11 posts), and I are heading to DV/Panamint Valley.

Day 1: 15/138 turnoff-El Mirage-Randsburg-Teagle Wash-Pinnacles-Trona-Ballarat-Goler Wash-Mengels- Stay in one of the cbins in the valley.

Day 2: Explore and ride the valley, back to the cabin for dinner and cocktails.

Day 3: Home via Warm Springs-Westside-Shoshone, Baker, ?????.

We have done this ride quite a few times and it is a serious 800+ mile ride. No less than 600 in the dirt.

Great shakedown for Baja and any new equipment you plan on taking.

Two vids that I shot from our past rides to this area:
Anyone else in on this ride, the same weekend as the NooB Valley Rallye. We will most likely hook up with these guys along the way, and probably on Saturday. This ride is a balls out, speed (alcohol) induced, 700+mile ride (600 dirt), that will spend two nights at Russel's Camp in Butte Valley. This is a great ride for those doing the Baja Ride in December. We will begin our ride at the 15/138 intersection and only touch asphalt for gas.

If you want to do this ride, speak by Wednesday, or forever hold your peace. We have a great guy (Kenny, non MC rider) who will be driving up earlier in the week and reserving Russell Camp for us. We need to get your alcohol order in place so he can purchase it and haul it up for us in his Jeep.

Right now the list is as follows:

Me (Notmybikemodelname)

We can take three more if you want a good sleeping space. Any more and you're pitching a tent.
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