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Here we go...

I’m about to undertake a journey of personal growth. It sounds crazy, maybe even like a bad idea, but sometimes one has to trust that gut feeling that motivates a person to DO. Shake the status quo, stick it to the man, march to the beat of your own drummer... These little catch phrases are a convenient way to package a crazy idea and validate it. I guess only hindsight will show if the idea was worth the cost and/or risk. Either way I’ll have some great stories!

I’m a violist, I play the viola. I was a violist before I even knew it. My sister, brother and I all had violin lessons as children growing up. Life gets moving along and things happen, all kinds of wonderful and terrible things. Somehow I kept playing through it all while my siblings moved onwards and upwards in life. I eventually found myself in college majoring in music. I wasn’t really all that good, but there I was, so roll with it. At my school all violin majors have to take a semester of viola (for a dose of perspective perhaps? Or maybe a glimpse of how bad things could be? [that’s a viola joke, BTW]). I was “persuaded” (read: forced) by both my violin and viola teachers to purge the violin toxins from my body and become a pure violist. Within two weeks of giving up the violin I could feel a distinct shift. Suddenly everything made sense, I could move, I could navigate around the instrument confidently, I could express my musical ideas better. Kinda like finding the right motorcycle that just fits. I was home.
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