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Originally Posted by mymindsok
The difference between someones recent "Barn find BMW" thats had a bob job and a real Cafe racer is similar to the difference between that same bike and a real racer. A true CR is a purpose built bike, that has taken it's form because of function, not just style and that can crank out some speed and handling when necessary.

Probably the closest thing to a CR being built today, would be some of the European high performance Streetfighters. Those bikes embody the creativity and attitude of the cafe racers and they can back it up with performance that the period tuner bike riders could only dream about.
From what I've been told from people who were around the scene.
The term Caferacer was a bit of put down.
Kind of like a Drugstore Cowboy.
Caferacers by nature were and are poser bikes.
Hence the whole cafe culture that gave birth to them.
It was about looking cool and going fast.
Often form won out over function. Just to get the look right.

There are too side of looking at what is the closest thing to a CR today.
well here in Los Angeles there are tons of people making modern day cafe bikes Mostly out of late 70's UJM.
But some Italian stuff as well.
So that's about as close as you can get.
There is a streetfighter culture, but it's kind of stagnated into itself
With a look the more naked old Race Rep with funky headlight and high rear end. It has it's own styling cues thats "cool" for it's crowd.

Race replica bikes R1 GSXR CBR those are the bikes that are the most close to the idea of caferacer. But the building them part has vanished.
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