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I like the new cylinder guard. I've needed this for a while, because my master cylinder is showing significant wear from my right boot sliding over it. I got the part in the mail and stuck the envelope in my riding jacket to deal with the next day. During a bit of slack time the next day at the office, I opened up the package to find a nice little piece of bent and cut aluminum. I did a little filing (a few passes with a file blade in a multitool) to clean up a sharp edge or two, and headed outside to put the thing on.

Installation was quick and easy, just two bolts. On the single cylinder F650GS it looks like it belongs there. Rick was right about the aluminum color being right. It blends in well with the frame in that general area, and looks good both up close and at a distance. Frankly, I don't think the picture he's using does the piece justice, because it looks less integrated on that machine than it does on mine. More important, it is a substantial enough piece that it should provide some real protection to an important part of my motorcycle.

*EDIT* Before and after:

And then the full effect:
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